United World Karate 1st World Championship

It is with great pleasure that we are announcing to every single National Karate Federation, National Organization and National Association to invite you all to join in the process of unifying Karate throughout the world. United World Karate (UWK) offers the opportunity for everybody to come together and develop a wide assortment of pure karate skills in an extremely flexible Karate-Do environment. A United World Karate will suit everyone as there will be strict Karate technical monitoring, a transparent structure and professional administrative support. The aim is not only to achieve Olympic Martial Art status and participate in the SportAccord Games, but also to bring health and happiness to our society.

Empathy, mutual respect and most importantly – transparency, are essential for the process of unification. The unification starts in Slovenia, October 2015, with the first United World Karate World Championships. We will work together to provide a high level, global event in 3 different disciplines – Traditional, General, Contact, which will cover everybody’s interests. We welcome all karate unions from every country and hope they will cooperate with their national partners to aid their athletes’ participation in Benifika..

Together, we are stronger!