UWK Executive Committee meeting in Bucharest

The delegates to the meeting are set to discuss the situation of the sport in question at global level, the evolution of the unification process, as well as over the rules that need to be established for joining and participation in the UWK competitions.

Participating in the working meeting will be Richard Jorgensen, the UKW Chairman, Vladimir Jorga, the UKW Deputy Chairman, Osvaldo Messias, the Honorary Chairman of the WUKF, Roberto Perri, General Secretary at WUKF, Horatiu Neagoie, a representatives of the IKOK, Marco Nicovic, Chairman of the WKX, Bruno Gilardi, Deputy Chairman of the WKC, Rajeev Sinha, the WFF Chairman, Sean Henke, the WUKO Chairman, Giacomo Sparaco Bertoletti, the WJJKO Chairman, Mihai Ciororanu, the IKU representative, Mike Apan, General Secretary of the WFF etc.

The Romanian WKC Karate Federation, a member of the WUKF (World Union of Karate-Do Federations), a world organsiation signatory of the unification act signed in Lausanne, is the one hosting the meeting. Liviu Crisan, the FRK WKC and WUKF Chairman is also the first Deputy Chairman of the UWK.

The working meeting of the Executive Committee of the UWK will end on Thursday, January 22, with a press conference to be held in the amphitheater of the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee.