United World Karate was created to provide a unified format for karate competition that would respect the diversity of the martial art. As such, United World Karate provides a platform of competition for Traditional Karate (non-contact, Ippon Sho-bu/non-weight categories); General Karate (non-contact, multi-point with weight categories); and, Contact Karate. There is no other World Governing Body of Karate that offers this diversity.

United World Karate is a multi-style, non-discriminatory world governing body of karate that seeks to preserve the foundation of the Japanese Martial Art of Karate based on the principles of Budo.

Its mission is to unify the diverse interests of the various forms of Karate and Karate Competition under one World Federation for the purpose of presenting a unified world stage in the interests of International and World level competition and developmental training for all Karate practitioners world-wide.

The UWK seeks to encourage good relations between its member’s Permanent Karate Commissions, National Federations and their respective athletes around the world by providing proper athletic, coaching and officiating training to enhance the public presentation and understanding of karate and the systematic and holistic training of all karate participants regardless of their chosen avenue of participation.